Access TravisTorrent

Free and Open Travis Analytics for Everyone

As a courtesy to our users, TravisTorrent provides both offline and online access options. No registration or subscription is required. Users are kindly asked to follow a fair-use policy of server resources.

Live Online Access

Thanks to Google, we can provide a BigQuery interface to TravisTorrent. Everyone with a Google account gets a free monthly quota of one Terabyte on BigQuery to instantly start querying TravisTorrent!

Usage Instructions: If you are not fully signed-up for Big Query (you get an error saying Big Query is unable to find the TravisTorrent table when clicking the access link), follow Google’s instructions on how to set it up. Should you not already be in the query browser, click on the big red button on the top left that says Compose Query. You can then input sample queries in SQL syntax and run them via CTRL+ENTER. For example, SELECT AVG(tr_duration) FROM [travistorrent-bq:data.2017_01_11] computes the average mean build time over all projects.

Offline Access

We distribute snapshots of our database as compressed SQL and CSV files. The SQL is generated from automatically reading in the CSV.

Tip: If you use R and CSV, loading the CSV via fread from data.table offers a significant speed-up over read.csv.

Snapshot Revision Date Size
travistorrent_8_2_2017.csv.gz 11.1.2017 184M
travistorrent_8_2_2017.sql.gz 11.1.2017 181M
archived: travistorrent_11_1_2017.csv.gz 11.1.2017 190M
archived: travistorrent_11_1_2017.sql.gz 11.1.2017 193M
archived: travistorrent_6_12_2016.sql.gz 6.12.2016 178M
archived: travistorrent_6_12_2016.csv.gz 6.12.2016 175M
archived: travistorrent_27_10_2016.sql.gz 27.10.2016 78M
archived: travistorrent_27_10_2016.csv.gz 27.10.2016 78M
archived: travistorrent_30_9_2016.sql.gz 30.9.2016 78M
archived: travistorrent_30_9_2016.csv.gz
Includes changes to data types, e.g. TRUE instead of “true”
30.9.2016 79M
archived: travistorrent_7_9_2016.sql.gz 7.9.2016 78M
archived: travistorrent_7_9_2016.csv.gz 7.9.2016 79M
archived: travistorrent_5_3_2016.sql.gz 5.3.2016 51M
archived: travistorrent_5_3_2016.csv.gz 5.3.2016 79M
archived: travistorrent_28_8_2015.csv.gz 28.8.2015 65M

Raw Build Data

To allow a deeper analysis of project build logs, the 780 GB of build logs that our build log analysis (most entries prefixed with tr_) depends on can be retrieved, too. Please be gentle with server bandwidth. Access the raw build logs. If you used these, please also cite or reference TravisTorrent properly.